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Stephan and Anne Christiansen are pioneers in the Kingdom of God. Together they have founded several international movements and ministries that are impacting the Nations of the World with the Gospel, and a thriving Church in Oslo, Norway. Stephan is a passionate follower of Jesus, an entrepreneurial leader, a creative communicator and a missionary to the Youth of the World.

Pioneering & leading


Jesus Revolution – The Gospel to the Youth of the World

An evangelistic mission’s movement founded by Stephan & Anne Christiansen in 1997, Jesus Revolution has had evangelistic events in more than 1100 European cities in 50 nations. More than 10.000 youth have been trained and sent into Summer missions, and hundreds of missionaries into long term missions. Tens of thousands of youth have been saved, healed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

There are Bases with Missions training schools in Norway, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium and Ukraine and Jesus Revolution is launched in USA in 2024. Citywide evangelistic campaigns, events and tours for 25 years led to the “Every Nation Tour” in 2023 that brought Youth Revivals to 50 European Nations. Jesus Revolution Band & Preachers is aired on God TV as well as You Tube, hosted by Stephan Christiansen who is the President of Jesus Revolution. Anne is an international ambassador and board member.

Evangelists, bases and teams are multiplied in the Nations, making Jesus available for the young generation.

Jesus Movement The Gospel to the schools and universities of the World

Stephan and Anne Christiansen have more than 30 years of experience with student ministry, having inspired the start-up of ministries in more than 2000 schools and universities throughout Europe. As a young student in 1987, Anne Christiansen started a student ministry at the University of Oslo. This group formed the nucleus of the New Generation student movement (also known as My Generation) that Stephan Christiansen founded in 1996. The following years this ministry spread first to neighbouring Sweden and then to several other Nations. 

In 2018, Jesus Revolution started Jesus Movement, a new student ministry for a new time with a global vision: Reaching the schools and universities of the World. A Jesus movement of young Christians following in the footsteps of Jesus. Jesus Revolution helps and inspires youth groups, churches and movements to join the Jesus Movement in schools and universities everywhere!  

Jesus People Inspiring people to follow Jesus and make him known.

Stephan Christiansen received of vision of a digital media platform in 2019. The first edition in Norwegian was released in March of 2023 and English is launched in 2024.
More languages to come! An active feed provides a continuous source of inspiration, teaching, articles, interviews, podcasts and videos given by leading pastors and preachers, churches and ministries. A professional editorial team ensures the quality and contributions are given by an army of volunteers, writers, and creative minds. Making disciples, teaching the Word, and preaching the Gospel through the screens is an essential part of fulfilling the great commission. Stephan leads the board, writes articles and is a creative visionary.

Day & Night Center for worship, prayer and mercy

In the beautiful Markus Church, built in 1927, in Oslo, even the ceiling is presenting the vision as angels are proclaiming: “Pray without ceasing” and “Offer thanksgiving unto the Lord.” Just 900 meters from the Government quarters and in the same area as TB Barratt, the Apostle of Pentecost to Europe, saw a massive revival, a European house of prayer, Day & Night is built step by step. The vision is to one day be open 24/7, a church that never sleeps. It’sFormed through an alliance of believers, Churches and ministries who come to worship God, intercede for the Nations and heal the sick and broken-hearted in the name above every other name. In 2018, Day & Night was initiated by Stephan and Anne Christiansen, who serve as visionary architects and ambassadors. 

Israel Next Israel to the next generation

Israel Next is an initiative taken by Stephan and Anne Christiansen together with pastors Clive and Jane Urquhart from the UK and Roar Sørensen, Norway. Together they founded Israel Next in 2018. The vision is to connect young people with Israel and the best way to do this is to bring them there. Through engaging trips for youth, young leaders, bible schools and pastors where we walk in the footsteps of Jesus, get to know the land of the Bible and connect with the people of Israel, we connect with our Spiritual roots and deepen our understanding of the Word of God. Stephan serves as the chair of Israel Next and an international ambassador. 

Jesus Church has been the host of Holocaust Memorial Events featuring leading politicians in Norway, including former Prime Minister Erna Solberg as well as Israeli ambassadors. Stephan Christiansen released and co-produced the album “Lest We Forget – in the shadows of the Holocaust” that has been performed at Holocaust Memorial events. He is also the author of “Confessions of a modern pilgrim” – a diary from and about Israel, and he is a member of the founding circle of Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast. 

TBBMI – Equipped for life and ministry

TBBMI is a Bible and Missions Institute that was founded by evangelist Aril Edvardsen in 1968, training young leaders to change the world for Jesus. Stephan and Anne Christiansen partnered with Aril Edvardsen for many years, and in 2008 they were given the mandate to take over TBBMI, relocate it to Oslo, and to run it in the same spirit and with the same vision. 

TBBMI offers solid teaching and training of believers, leaders and ministry gifts in the Kingdom of God through its 1-, 2- or 3-year programme. Since its foundation, numerous TBBMI graduates have become pastors, church planters, evangelists and missionaries who have made their mark on history throughout the World. Stephan served as the principal from 2008 to 2023, and he is still a teacher and board member of the Institute. Anne is also a teacher and the chair of the board. 

Jesus Church Know Jesus, follow Jesus, lead to Jesus, fellowship in Jesus and worship Jesus.

Jesus Church is a spiritual home, an ambassador for the gospel, a missions base, a centre for worship and mercy, and a visions carrier for the next generation. The Church  was founded in 2000 by Stephan and Anne Christiansen and it’s located centrally in Oslo, the capital of Norway. In 2014 it moved into the historic Markus Church, and there are members from around 45 different nationalities. Jesus Church serves as the home Church for ministries such as Jesus Revolution, TBBMI, Day & Night, Jesus Kids etc. 

In 2023, Jesus Church started two Christian Schools; Hans Nielsen Hauge primary school in Oslo and Hans Nielsen Hauge primary school in Nordre Follo, just south of Oslo. 

Man of God

Man of God was founded by Stephan Christiansen in 2016. Perhaps it was the legendary Men’s preacher Ed Cole who blessed Stephan and Anne and paid for their engagement dinner in 1992, who sowed the seed for the calling to minister to men that would spring to life 24 years later. Preaching at Men’s conferences as a part of his calling, was God’s surprise for Stephan. The importance and potential of every man becoming a “Man of God” has given him a revelation in the Word and a deeper understanding of God’s way with men in the Kingdom of God. 

International Ministry

The preaching ministry of Stephan Christiansen covers a wide range of styles, topics and arenas. An international speaker at Pastors and Leadership Conferences, Christian festivals, Youth events, conferences for Worship and creative ministry, Men’s conferences, evangelistic campaigns and as a pastor, he has preached the Word of God in over 55 nations on five continents. At times he also loves to preach together with a great band, preaching and singing the message in a unique and creative way.    

He is a member of the Next Gen Global Cabinet of Empowered 21 and a part of the Executive Committee of the Global Evangelist Alliance of E21. Stephan led and re-established Pentecostal Youth of Europe, the National Youth Leader Network of Pentecostal European Fellowship from 2020 to 2023 and he was part of the Global Strategy Working Group of the World Evangelical Alliance in 2018. 

Creative Ministry

Stephan Christiansen is a singer, song writer, composer, music producer, author, writer and media producer. He has written hundreds of songs, including the music and the lyrics for 16 albums, in which 6 are solo albums. He has also written four musicals, and in two of them he was starring as an actor. Other music projects includes “Mysterion – a musical eucharist” and “Passion  – an easter celebration in music.”

Stephan has written five books and he was the founder and editor in chief of the Jesus Paper (JesusAvisa), a newspaper for youth (1998-2007). He has also been the TV host of programmes like “Youth of Europe” and “Jesus Revolution band and preachers”, aired on God TV and other TV-channels, as well as You Tube.  

Anne Christiansen

Anne Christiansen is an experienced preacher whose dynamic teaching has inspired
thousands of people to love Jesus and follow His example. 

Anne is an author, editor in chief of the JK magazine, and leader of the board at TBBMI, a Bible and Missions institute. She has served as a pastor in Jesus Church since 2000 and she is the founder of Jesus Women, a movement whose goal is to inspire girls and
women to build Gods kingdom in their homes and families, churches and societies. Her
book “Love Story,” where she tells her story of how she found true love in Jesus, became a national bestseller.

Anne is an international speaker at campaigns, conferences and events. She is also
member of the West European Cabinet of Empowered 21 and member of the Executive Committee of the Global Evangelist Alliance.

Stephan and Anne Christiansen married in 1992 and they have three grown daughters. They reside in Oslo, Norway. Together they have founded Jesus Church and several ministries: Jesus Revolution, Jesus Movement, New Generation, Jesus People, Israel Next and Day & Night.


Lest We Forget

2021 – Stephan Christiansen

It is Finished

2015 – Jesus Church

Paradigm: On Fire

2007 – Jesus Revolution

The Beginning & The End

2007 – Jesus Revolution


2006 – Stephan Christiansen

The Battle of Europe

2005 – Jesus Revolution

Lovsang & Hyllest

2004 – Jesus Church

On With The Revolution

2002 – Jesus Revolution

Jesus is Coming

2001 – Jesus Revolution

Jesus Revolutionaries

2000 – Stephan Christiansen

Jesus Revolution

1998 – Stephan Christiansen

Mia - Krig

1997 – Stephan Christiansen

Lovsanger for en ny generasjon

1997 – Stephan Christiansen

Kampsanger for en ny generasjon

1996 – Stephan Christiansen


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Other books:
Ny Standard for en ny generasjon (1996)
Kampskrift for en ny generasjon (1995)


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