Pioneering and training pioneers


Biography / Timeline

1970: Born
1988: Bible School at Oslo Christian Center
1989: Vision of Europe and first European journey
1990: First musical: Nothing new under the sun (Intet nytt under solen)
1991: Starts the band Urban
1992: Marries Anne
            Starting a new youth ministry in Oslo Christian Center
            First tours in Europe with Urban

1993: Starting New Generation locally at the University of Oslo
           Starting up National Youth Conference in Oslo Christian Center

1994: Historic mission trip to Lithuania

1995: First album: “Battle songs” (Kampsanger)
            First book: “Battle declaration” (Kampskrift)
            First national tour in Norway

1996: First daughter: Hannah Victoria
            Second album: Worship songs (Lovsanger)
            Second Book: “New Standard” (Ny standard)
            Second Musical: “The Rioters” (Oppviglerne)
            Starting New Generation nationally

1997: Starting Jesus Revolution.
           First Campaign in Kristiansand, Norway.
           Starting New Generations annual youth leader summit
            Third musical: 3D
            Third album: War (Mia – Krig)

1998: Fourth album: Jesus Revolution
           Starting Jesus Revolutions one year programme and the first base
           Starting Jesus Revolutions annual Summer Team
           Starting the monthly newspaper the Jesus Paper (JesusAvisa)
           Starting Jesus Revolutions New Year’s conference

1999: Second daughter: Karen Louise
            Starting New Generations annual student conference

2000: Fifth album: Jesus Revolutionaries
            Starting Jesus Church
            Starting Jesus Revolutions Missions Training School
            First Jesus House in Oslo

2001: Sixth album: Jesus is Coming (Jesus Revolution)
            Starts with Jesus Revolution Concert teams touring Europe
            Starting Jesus Revolutions Leader Academy
            New Generation starts in Sweden
            National Tour in Norway with Jesus Revolution and Aril Edvardsen

2002: Third daughter: Jenny Emilie
             Jesus Revolution starts missions bases and runs offices in several nations in Europe the following five years
            Helping Troens Bevis in the start up of “Youth and Kids planet” in Sarons Dal
            Starting the New Generation Nordic Conference with 3500 youth in Oslo.
            Starting and leading New Generation International
            Seventh album: On with the Revolution (Jesus Revolution)
            Starting Youth of Europe TV programme which is broadcast on God TV and other TV channels

2003: Third book: Jesus revolutionary (Jesus revolusjonær)
            Anne starts Jesus Women – a national women’s ministry
            Fourth musical: The Battle of Europe
            New Generation starts new conference for university students

2004: Eight album: Worship & Adoration (Lovsang og hyllest / Jesus Church)
            Vision of the Youth of the World

2005: Ninth album: The Battle of Europe (Jesus Revolution)

2006: Tenth album: Evangelietoner (Rock version of classical hymns)
            Eleventh album: On Fire. Paradigm (Jesus Revolution)

2007: “Just give me Jesus” with Anne Graham Lotz hosted by Anne and Jesus Women draws 7000 women, making it the largest gathering of women in Norway’s history.
            Twelfth album: The Beginning and the End (Jesus Revolution)

2008: Aril Edvardsen handing over TBBMI ( meaning “Evidence of Faith Bible and Missions Institute) to Stephan & Anne Christiansen. Three months later, Aril Edvardsen dies.
            Starting up an annual Jesus Festival with Jesus Church

2009: First Holocaust Memorial Sunday arranged in Oslo
            TBBMI relocated to Oslo, official opening with Kari Edvardsen

2010: Fourth book: Jesus Revolution (Det Jesus revolusjonære manifest)

2011: Leads the pastoral fellowship in Oslo for the three following years
            Leading the first Israel trip with youth /bible college
            Mysterion – a musical eucharist
            Jesus Revolution starts base with Mission Training School in Italy

2014: Jesus Church moves into the historic Markus Church in central Oslo
            Fifth book: Confessions of a modern pilgrim (En moderne pilegrims bekjennelser)

2015: Thirteenth album: Lest we forget (new version released in 2020)
            Fourteenth album: Det er fullbrakt / Jesus Church
            Fifteenth album: It is finished / Jesus Church

2016: Starting the men’s ministry “Guds Mann” (Man of God)

2017: In the founding circle of the first Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast
            The Impact Rome Event in Ostia (“Rome by the Sea”)

2018: Starting Jesus Movement
            Starting Day & Night – center for worship, prayer and mercy in Markus Church
            Starting Israel Next
            Jesus Revolution starts in Bulgaria
            Part of the E21 Next Gen commission established in Miami by Empowered 21
            Part of the World Evangelical Alliance Working Strategy Group
            Part of the executive committee of Global Evangelist Alliance, established in Johannesburg by Empowered 21,

2019: Restart of campaigns in Italy, endorsed by Reinhard Bonnke

2020: Restarting the network Pentecostal Youth of Europe for the and leading it for the three following years.

2021: Jesus Revolution Band & Preachers, first season produced for You Tube and later broadcast on God TV

2022: Jesus Revolution started as a 501c3 in the USA
            Sixteenth album: Come, Lord Jesus (Jesus Revolution)
            Jesus Revolution 25 years. Evangelistic outreaches in 1067 cities.

2023: Jesus Revolution with Every Nation Tour and Youth Revivals in 50 nations
            Jesus People starting with the first edition in Norwegian
            Jesus Church starting two primary schools – Hans Nielsen Hauge grunnskole.
            Jesus Revolution Italia relocates to Rome.
            Jesus Revolution base started in Belgium
            Jesus Revolution base started in Ukraine


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